Submitted on Wed, 2014-07-23
By Josh Vierling

A mixture of scarcity in experienced workers and growing demand are making IT positions harder than ever to fill.

June IT Unemployment

The IT industry as a whole has been performing very strongly so far this year. IT spending is expected to grow by more than 2% in 2014 according to Gartner, and more than 144,000 new IT jobs have been added over the same point last year, a 3.2% increase. The only thing keeping spending from skyrocketing even more is that the boom in cloud applications has led to lower prices for anybody looking to upgrade their IT.

The tremendous growth does come with a downside for hiring managers though. Demand for qualified IT employees is outpacing the supply of experienced candidates. IT workers know they have the upper hand right now too, making them more likely to quit their current jobs or reject job offers if they don’t meet their liking. This all comes together to make IT openings the second hardest position in the country to fill, according to the Harvard Business Review. If you’re looking to bring in a healthcare IT expert, you’re chances of finding an experienced candidate drop even further.

"The relatively high levels of difficulty in filling job vacancies for computer and health care occupations appear to be as acute after the recession as before—a period of low unemployment and tight labor markets. Therefore, the contemporary relative shortage of workers in these positions is especially severe." Jonathon Rothwell, Brookings Institution



Unemployment rates throughout the country only reinforce that hiring great people is getting harder to do. The overall unemployment rate in the US continued its stellar performance streak in June, dropping to 6.1%, it’s lowest value in six years. The economy added nearly 300,000 new jobs in June, and the unemployment rate dropped in 22 states, with 14 rising and remaining even.


June IT Unemployment

The IT unemployment rate is no different, remaining very strong as the overall economy continues to improve. Year-over-year, the IT unemployment rate has dropped from 4.2% last June to 3.6% in 2014. Most impressively, the unemployment rate for women in IT has dropped from 5.4% to 3.9% over that same span (men sit in around 3.5%). It’s a great time to be an IT expert.



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