Client Profile:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is the largest healthcare provider in North Dakota, providing health and wellness care to more than 400,000 resident and non-resident BSBCND Plan Members.

When BCBSND seeks to improve upon their commitment to proactively deliver healthcare products and services, while ensuring patient data is privately and securely managed, they rely on Upp Technology for expertise in system security, system architecture and data management.


To ensure BCBSND’s system is secure and of the highest integrity, Upp Technology’s team of experts developed a road map for establishing an Enterprise Project Management Office, designing the strategic plans for achieving ISO2000/27001 and CMMI/L2 accreditation and developing a strategic plan for the institutionalization of ITIL/ITSM practices. The team also developed procedures to ensure compliance according to HIPAA as well as DISA, STIGs, NIST, DoD and FISMA.

The Upp Technology team developed a custom automated security compliance toolkit utilizing Perl, Bash Shell and Sun’s Solaris Security Toolkit, used to bring 115 Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Sun Solaris servers in compliance with the DoD’s UNIX STIGs. When bringing new servers online, the toolkit provides STIG compliance automatically, with real-time compliance monitoring and reporting via a JavaScript, CSS and Perl web interface.

BCBSND also required corporate information security by assessing the IBM RACF Security and Future Security Infrastructure and reviewing BCBSND’s RACF Security structure to implement best security practices. While training personnel on RACF daily functions and responsibilities to protect business resources and assets, Upp Technology staff produced RACF security desk side manuals, including step-by-step instruction for performing RACF functions and security procedures.

Microsoft .NET architects rewrote BCBSND’s Provider Web Portal, providing users with quick and easy access to information, patient eligibility, referrals and claim statuses. The portal itself runs on a three-tier architecture with Apache and Apache Tomcat Connector, JBoss Sea and PostgreSQL, all separated by CheckPoint firewalls and backed by redundant iptables on individual servers.

Providing best practices in data management, Upp Technology subject matter experts designed and executed data warehouse ETL as well as BCBSND’s data mart. Delivering upgrades to BCBSND’s Oracle databases, Upp Technology SMEs also developed system-wide backup and recovery processes. In addition, the team established a complete infrastructure for monitoring Oracle, MS SQL and Sybase databases. Furthermore, a unique lockdown program was developed to ensure servers are in compliance with the guidelines set forth by BCBSND, CMS and STIG requirements for Medicare contracts.

Business Value:

Upp Technology’s expertise in IT security, system architecture and data management furthered BCBSND in their commitment to delivering the very best in healthcare products and services. With Upp Technology subject matter experts, security specialists and system architects implementing integrated solutions on time and budget, BCBSND now has the system security integrity necessary to protect patient information within their databases and during healthcare information exchange.

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