Client Profile

Dedicated to helping their membership live healthier lives, this large healthcare payer in the Northeast is working to transform the way healthcare is delivered to 500,000+ beneficiaries, including the employees of more than 150 critical state enterprises.
This insurance provider has successfully partnered with Upp Technology in the redesign of the payer’s healthcare information enterprise architecture to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while preparing for upcoming health initiatives, including TriZetto® Facets™ implementation.


Upp Technology subject matter experts conducting analyses, identifying opportunities for process improvement and developing blueprints and Roadmaps to best align IT and business objectives have delivered on critical infrastructure initiatives to save this healthcare payer $8M in enterprise infrastructure savings — all the while building the mission critical foundation for TriZetto® Facets™ implementation and mitigating related risk exposures.
Having identified critical success factors and keys to cost-effectiveness in the client’s enterprise architecture, the Upp Technology team developed multi-year implementation plans to achieve future state business and IT goals based on business and IT priorities. Working across platforms and operating environments, Upp Technology developed strategies from Gap and other analyses, recommending products and processes to ensure the insurance provider’s Claims, Billing, and other critical data infrastructure is secure, cost-effective and compliant. To further success, our SMEs also conducted an assessment identifying opportunities for improvement in the client’s IT Governance model.
With an end-to-end solution, Upp Technology formulated data management and test strategies for the payer’s coming TriZetto® Facets™ enterprise data environment, delivering a system configured to their needs today and certain to operate at the highest level of performance in the future. Covering all aspects of IT operations and service delivery, Upp Technology’s high-level Roadmap for moving to an enterprise-wide database infrastructure environment includes the development of a common information object model, use of virtualization, storage tier development, archiving, decommissioning of dated architectures and adherence to best practices.
In achieving savings, the team completed a critical infrastructure initiative on time and budget, consolidating, remediating gaps and conducting a successful proof of concept for increased performance, a more efficient utilization of assets, and a reduction in IT management overhead costs for an initial  savings of $3.5M with annual cost cutting by 50%. Our blueprints and Roadmaps for implementation of a unified storage platform, enabling the consolidation of core business functions into a single, more cost-effective platform, have yielded an additional $4.5M in client savings.

Business Value

Upp Technology’s skill in aligning business and IT goals together with infrastructure and data management and TriZetto® Facets™ healthcare enterprise systems expertise is helping this healthcare payer reduce costs with a stable infrastructure, optimally configured for TriZetto® Facets™ development, testing and delivery.
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